Here are some of my personal favorite, regularly used resources and websites I use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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FastComet: I have been super impressed with FastComet and the help of their customer service.   They host my blog and I honestly don’t have one negative thing to say about them. I relied heavily on online reviews when it came to choosing my blog hosting.  FastComet was always ranked so high when comparing them to other web hosting sites. There have been several times that I had to ask for some help in setting up my site and the customer service was FANTASTIC!  Every single time I needed help, they went above and beyond to serve me!  As a web hosting client, you really can’t beat the price, either. I haven’t looked back once, since choosing them.


Ebates:  I do ALL of my online shopping through the Ebates portal. It is one of the easiest ways to get a little cash back for the stuff you are already buying. From Walmart and Target to Amazon and Home Depot, Ebates has hundreds of stores that you are already shopping at. I have made over $230 dollars back, just from making a few clicks on their site and buying something I was already going to buy anyways.

Raise: Raise is my absolute favorite way of saving money. It may take an extra 5-10 minutes of your time, but the savings are HUGE! is a great place to buy gift cards for everyone on your Christmas and birthday lists, but that’s not actually what I use the site for. I combine gift cards from with my Ebates purchases and it has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Rather than use my credit card or bank card, I simply purchase a gift card for a discounted price and use it to buy the things I would already be purchasing anyway, like groceries.


Adobe’s Creative Cloud: I have used Adobe’s Creative Cloud for my Etsy business (, as well as my blog and I LOVE it. The Cloud gives you access to Adobe’s best programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc) on your mobile devices. You can start a project on your phone or tablet and finish it on your desktop. Amazing!

Carbonite:  Carbonite is an automatic computer cloud backup!  What you are purchasing is peace-of-mind!  When 95% of my business is done on my computer, having a backup of my files is ESSENTIAL!  Carbonite makes it SO easy!  It’s definitely worth checking out!

MONEY-SAVING SHOPPING RESOURCES:  So my husband is not a fan of going to Walmart, and I, frankly am not either. I have learned that I ALWAYS spend more than I want to when I walk into Walmart, which I guess is their goal. To combat my impulse buying problem, I started placing a monthly Walmart order that is delivered to my front door! It has saved us SO much money AND time!  Now, I stick to my list and I no longer buy all that extra stuff I just don’t need. The shipments get delivered to my front door FOR FREE (as long as I spend their minimum purchase amount, which isn’t very much).  Simply put, when I shop online at, I save money AND time.

Shutterfly: I use Shutterfly to create my yearly family photo albums. They are reasonably priced and so easy to order!  I create four “yearbooks” a year (quarterly) plus miscellaneous school work and vacation books throughout the year.