From “formal” living room to craft room! Create a workspace you LOVE!

craft room work space

I did something, some people might consider a little crazy… I turned my “formal living room” into the craft room of my dreams.  Seriously!  You know, that room in your parents or grandparent’s house that you were never allowed to play in when you were a kid?!  You know what I’m talking about… the one that always looked nice and neat… well that’s because no one was ever in the room.  I never understood it but I think the idea of having a formal living room is becoming a thing of the past… or maybe it’s just too classy for my style.  Haha!  Either way, I had one in my house and it quickly became a junk room.  It had serious potential though.  

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Creating a craft room


The way our house is set up, our formal living room NEVER got used and was rarely even seen by anyone. We literally used it one day a year… Christmas.  Our Christmas tree sat perfectly in the front bay window and so it’s where were opened gifts on Christmas morning.  Basically, it was a nice-sized room that was being completely wasted.  So I made a crazy suggestion to my husband and after a little persuasion, he was on board.  This unused room was going to become my craft room/office.


The majority of the work was clearing out the junk stored items and painting the walls and trim!  It had quickly become a junk room for me because we never used it, so it was time to clear it out.

In most of my home renovation pictures, you can see that our entire house was first built with wood trim.  It was my mission to paint every piece of natural wood trim and the doors white to help create an updated look.  After having finished my mom’s entire house, I knew it was going to be a lot of work.  I also knew that it is TOTALLY worth it.  I was going for a light, airy feeling, so I opted for a spa blue color on top with white below the chair rail.

Once the painting was complete, I started designing the layout of my new craft room.  This took A LOT more time than it probably should have.  Once I had a design on paper and I had decided on the furniture I wanted to use, I laid out where all the furniture would go by placing painters tape all over the floor.  I’m a very visual person… I needed to see exactly how much space I was working with around the furniture.  This worked perfectly!



Once I had the layout just right, I went shopping.  Woohoo!  Finally the fun part!  The desks I chose are the Linnmon/Adils table and legs combo from Ikea.  I also used the Alex base cabinet for the part of the office that was going to be used by my oh-so-understanding husband. 😉

There weren’t any lighting fixtures on the ceiling so I chose to use the Hemma cord set with shades.  These are awesome corded, plug-in lights that can be hung anywhere.  The lamp shades can be purchased separately… Ikea has so many different styles.



Now for the storage.  I knew my craft room was going to need lots.  I mean LOTS!  Storage supplies can get VERY expensive, so I knew I was going to have to get a little creative in this area.  Luck was on my side… there was a clothing store that was going out of business at our local outlet mall.  They were giving away all of their old shelving… free white laminated particleboard.  I took it ALL!  I cut these up and built two storage shelves for paper and one for my wood block storage (I also built a sofa table for in our family room).  For the paper shelves, I had a Lowe’s employee cut a piece of very thin plywood into the size squares I needed.  Having them do the cutting, saved me TONS of time. I think they turned out great!

For my bulk craft storage, I chose these white storage cabinets from Walmart.  They were close to the size I was looking for and fairly cheap.  The shelving is not the strongest but I knew I wasn’t going to be putting a ton of weight on these shelves so they worked fine for what I was going to use them for.

I added wall shelves, plastic storage bins, and a few personal touches and my craft room/office was complete.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!

What do you think?  Do you have a craft room or home office space you love?



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